Katelyn Marie Matsko.

Seventeen. Food enthusiast. Professional procrastinator. Part time comedian. 100% fabulous.

I'm an outgoing, overly loving hypochondriac. Welcome to my life.

Instagram and Twitter: KatelynMarieMat


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I hope I still mean this much to you in 25 or even 50 years.

I am sorry. I’m sorry for not giving you everything that I should have given you. 
No matter how often we argued about stupid shit and no matter how much that tended to piss me off, you still deserve the world.
Look at this boy everyone. He is strong. He is my heart, my soulmate, my lungs, and every drop of blood in my body. He is so very special and I would do anything to make him mine again. I’ll never stop trying. I would love to be the one walking down the aisle to him. I love you my sweet sweet love. I’m sorry I couldn’t be good enough. But I will be now. For us. Forever.

What I Should Have Said by k.p.k


Don’t use the vacuum in the same room as her